The Bediani Orphanage

Ertguleba Charity Fund has been supporting residents of the Bediani Orphanage for years. The fund encourages mental development and social integration of each kid. Ertrguleba supplies the orphanage with food and things of personal utilization monthly. It takes care of children’s health and education.

The residents of orphanage are under the benefaction of the fund and orphanage administration even after reaching the adult age. Ertguleba has managed to employ these persons into various companies. Five of Bediani orphans go to different universities of Tbilisi and are under constant supervision.

At this point, 19 kids aged 1 to 16 reside in Bediani Orphanage. Nuns from Bediani Monastery train girls in different skills. Kids often visit Tbilisi for entertaining and cultural activities.

Ertguleba Charity Fund will shortly start the remodeling of orphanage in order to improve children’s living conditions.

Ertguleba Charity Fund systematically holds different events, profit from which goes to the orphanage.