Tbilisi Peristsvaleba Nunnery

In the 70’s of the XVIII century, the wife of King Erekle II – Queen Darejan – built a castle and a church named after Saint Irakli and Saint Daria on the ruins of ancient fortress located in Avlabari. The church is thought to have been built in 1789.

The church and the castle were a part of architectural complex, which was surrounded by a stone fence.

During the Soviet Era, the Peristsvaleba Monastery did not function. In 1991, the church was handed over to the Patriarchy and the Catholicos Patriarch of all Georgia – Ilia II consecrated it as the nunnery.

In April 2009, “Ertguleba” charity fund supported the building of embroidery workshop and a store of the monastery. The two will start to function in the nearest future.  The fund also granted the monastery with sewing and embroider machines.