Ortubani Virgin Mary’s Birth Convent

Virgin Mary’s Birth Convent in the village of Ortubani, Kareli Region is located in Mzovreti Castle, that construction is directly related to the movement of Tsitsishvili Feudal Center from Samtsevrisi. The complex is dated back from XVII-XVIII centuries, including Virgin Mary’s Birth Church and seven- storey bell tower. Also some living and economic buildings are constructed on the given territory.

Long territory is occupied on the bottom of castle’s slope. In old it has been surrounded by fence. At present the northern part of fence remains on entire territory, partly eastern and western parts. The church is a hall type, built by broken stones, the altar is separated by massive iconostasis. On the western part of church is attached to a building three storied tower. There are planned to be held excavating activities on convent’s territory from spring.

From September 2009, under the initiative of Charitable Fund “ERTGULEBA” was launched repair works of existed cells and refectories, though after thearcheological examination is planned to be constructed new capital cells. At the same time the fund delivered to convent an automobile.