Ertguleba Charity Fund was established in April of 2008. Founders already had broad experience in charity actions. During last five years, before the idea of Ertguleba was born, the members of the found had contributed good deal to the reconstruction of Georgian churches. They had also organized and carried out numerous social projects. The foundation assisted construction of The Church of Ilia the Foreteller, reconstruction of The Mtatsminda David Garejeli Monastery, building of The Iveria Virgin Fresco Temple, termination of The Saint King Archil Monastery Complex in Tianeti, The Churches of Sleep of the Virgin, Saint Archil and Saint Luarsab were reconstructed. Also, the building of the Patriarch’s Residence in Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Dmanisi Eparchy. The Temple of Easter was remodeled together with the Monastery Complex of Saint John in Davit Gareji. Various types of building-reconstruction work were accomplished in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Samtavro Monastery of Mtskheta and the Bediani Monastery. The foundation financed Patriarch’s Residence situated on the holy land, nearby Saint George’s grave in the town of Lod.

Since the day of its establishment, Ertguleba has been active in social work, mainly focusing on patronage of orphanages; the Bediani Orphanage is one of these institutions. Our foundation has also managed to employ orphans and be a pioneer in providing work places for disabled individuals in commercial firms and companies of Georgia. Keeping Georgian spiritual and historical heritage alive is very important for us. That’s why Ertguleba supports dozens of unique historical monuments. And since the faith in God is the acting force of the foundation, it has actively cooperated in rebuilding of old and building of new churches across the country.

Ertguleba has assembled personnel with individuals who share the same ideology and now plans to get numerous new and important charity projects done, priorities being rebuilding-reconstruction of churches and providing financial assistance to orphans as well as victims of the war. The foundation has already taken care of 4900 refugees living in the Mtatsminda.