Letters of Gratitude


Children NGO,Society “EZO”

Children NGO, society “EZO” is thankful for the event that was organized on Children International Day, June 1st, 2009 and took place in the Cinema-Theater “Amirani”. Celebration is an accompanying attribute for Childhood. More than 100 children keep the memory of this joyful and interesting event.

Thankfully, Irma Ketskhoveli

The Chairman of Society “EZO”

Scientist, Writer and Member of Society


The King Archil Monastery

We want to express our gratitude for the help of Ertguleba charity fund. With your support the church was rebuilt, with its significance and glory regained. Your fund still supports the rebuilding of the monastery.

May God be with you in all the good deeds!

Father Archil


The Three Bishops’ Church

Our church is very grateful for Ertguleba charity fund’s aid and support.  May you succeed in many other good deeds of the kind, blessed and guided by the Lord.

God bless you!


The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

I want to thank Ertguleba charity fund for their support. It truly helped the cathedral with important features that will fortify Orthodox Christianity and maintain the most important cathedral of the country for future generations to admire.

God bless you!

The head of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Father Isaac


Mtatsminda’s Father Davit Gareji Church and John the Baptizer Monastery

I am very thankful to The Charity Fund ERTGULEBA for the support and help Davit Gareji Church in Mtatsminda and John the Baptizer Monastery Complex has received. 

God bless you and may John the Baptizer’s blessings be with you.Sincerely Yours,

Archimandrite of Mtatsminda’s Father Davit Gareji Church and John the Baptizer Monastery.

I. Kikvaze


Bediani Orphanage

Bediani Orphanage would like to thank each member of your Fund for the provided assistance. May joy and success never leave you. We are grateful for your financial and moral support. You are with us in misery and joy.
God bless you.

Ludmila Tavadze

I want to express gratitude for the warm and profound support me and my son have received from you. You warmed the heart of my son, George Tavadze, interested in iconography, and brought him back the faith in future.

God Bless You

Thank you for this kindness


St. Tekla Cloister

We would like to express our gratitude because of the charity actions you did for us. The material you donated to us is very valuable. God bless you. We will pray for our supporters and well-wishers. May Holly Virgin Bless you, who take part in the construction process of the church of Her name.

God bless you.


Evgenia Dandurovi    

I would like to thank all the members of Ertguleba for their help and support. I hope that one year allowance, appointed by Fund Ertguleba to my daughter Elene Mariamidze, will help her to handle material obstacles and give her opportunity for more success.