Due to Russian assault on Georgia in August 2008, thousands of people had to flee from their homes. Our Fund took 4900 of these under its guidance. The refugees were placed in schools and kindergartens of the Mtatsminda district and supported daily with food and other necessary goods. Fortunately, most of these IDPs managed to get back home, but currently the Fund still sponsors 335 refugees.

Ertguleba puts a great deal of effort in finding sources for refugee support and we proudly present the list of our immediate and impartial allies: Kolkhi, Nikora, Vake, Balkan, Samgori-07, Eco Food, Tkbili Kvekana, Nestle, GTCI, Borjomi, Populi, Wissol, GC, Ioli Group, Marco Polo, Coca-cola, Big Ben, Aversi, GPC, Brasser, Danish House, McDonalds, fashion saloon Materia, Kala Capital and also Ministry of Internal Affairs and Georgian Football Federation. We would also like to thank Archil Arveladze, Vasil Khorava, Jumber Beridze, Zura Putkaradze, Ucha Ugulava, Paata Kurtanidze and other citizens who shared the tragedy with us and provided assistance.

The head of Oil-extracting company Iori Valley Oil and Gas, Beka Odisharia, visited two kindergartens and provided food for more than 100 IDPs.
Ertguleba Charity Fund and Georgian-Azeri Company Acordi Zimo handed about 800 portable beds and mattresses over to the Ministry of Refugees and Placement. The majority of beds were used in Tbilisi, the rest were delivered to IDPs sheltering in places around Gori.

Refugees residing in schools, kindergartens and other institutions of Mtatsminda district got 20 TV sets, 15 refrigerators, 15 gas stoves and 20 water tanks for 23 objects.

700 of the IDPs are under aged.

* On October 7 the Fund supplied newborns with diapers, hygienic goods and clothes.

* On November 20 Ertguleba and social support program Counterpart held a common charity event and supplied refugees of Mtatsminda region with 370 wool blankets and 350 sleeping bags.
Apart from the material aid, the foundation does its best to arrange different cultural and social events in order to entertain the IDPs, like the one held with football clubs Dinamo Tbilisi and Locomotive. The refugees attended the match between the two on Georgian National Championship. Right before the launch of the game, football players presented kids with balls and other gifts. The event is permanent, that is, while residing on Mtatsminda the refugees will always be able to attend championship games. 

Ertguleba Charity Fund also arranged the participation of 50 refugees in Rtveli in Telavi district. The grapes picked by them were given back as a gift. 

* The price for this ton of grapes was paid to farmers by Erguleba. The refugees were hosted by company Telliani Valley. They visited the wine factory to witnessed wine making.
According to the team project of Ertguleba and Shota Rustaveli State Academic Theatre, the refugees and children from the Bediani Orphanage visit the theatre for different plays.
Events of the kind take place quite frequently and are still to come.