Sioni Patriarch Church of Dormition of Blessed Virgin

By legend Sioni is one of the temples that was constructed by Vakhtang Gorgasali in Tbilisi in the II half of V century. In 570-80 years, Guaram Kurapalati, the Eristavi of Kartli (ruler of Kartli region) put the foundation for the construction of New Sioni temple. The construction was finished in 620 year within ruling period of Adagene Eristavi. The construction was remarkable as the Eristavis together with population were participating in the process.

Sioni temple was destroyed and regenerated for several times after the construction. Enemy invasions as well as natural disasters had negatively affected the temple. In the beginning of XIX century the temple was thoroughly regenerated and in the middle of the same century is was repainted in accordance of Russian artist G. Gagarin’s sketches.  In 1980-83 years the temple was lined by piled stones. At the same time the small chapel named after Saint Vakhtang Gorgasali was built on the temple from the north.

Sioni Temple keeps the greatest clearnest of Georgian Orthodox Church that is Saint Nino’s cross.  The holy parts of Saint Evstati Mtskheteli, who was martyred in 550 A.D, are also buried under the alter of Sioni temple.

With the financial support of Fund, the yard of Sioni Patriarch Temple of Dormition of Blessed Virgin was reconstructed in 2009. Also the resting room and dining–kitchen rooms of ecclesiastic people were made up.